39 Comfy Garage Organized Design Ideas For Your Family

The garage is originally meant to provide a safe and secured shelter for your vehicle. But if you want to construct a garage that will host several utilitarian purposes like storage for your home and garden tools, car maintenance instruments, and other gears, then what you need to create is a garage organization design.

Using some elements such as wall storage, overhead storage, retractable wall space, and storage cabinets will guarantee an added space for your design.

1. Wall storage.

Your garage has 3 walls and 1 door. Each wall can be used as storage. If you are going to use an entire wall for hanging your tools without constructing any cabinets, you have a total of 500sq.ft. of space for each wall. That’s 1,500sq.ft. of storage! That’s enough to hang your brooms, extension cords, hoses, garden tools, ladders, bicycles, balls and bats, golf bags and accessories, food coolers, coats, shoes, hats, and other workshop and general house tools and accessories.

2. Storage cabinets and drawers.

Another best way to significantly increase the amount of storage space available is by adding cabinets to your design. Storage cabinets can store insect, lawn, and garden chemicals, storage bags, auto care items, and large items such as dog food and birdseed. The good thing about storage cabinets is that you can keep most of your small items hidden and properly organized. It can also provide a secured location for things that can be hazardous when introduced to your children and pets.

3. Overhead storage.

To further increase the amount of storage space available to your design, construct an overhead storage. Depending on the height requirement or the types of equipment you will store, you can either install an overhead storage 2ft. to 5ft. from the ceiling. You can use it to keep the things you rarely use such as holiday decorations, luggage, and seasonal sporting equipment. Overhead storage needs to be constructed tough as it carry items that will be stored for a long period of time.

4. Retractable workspace.

Worktables occupy so much space so why not try to construct retractable tables that you can easily tuck away whenever you don’t need them? Check on your local or supply store for tools and materials needed in making retractable tables. When designing worktables, to not forget the aesthetics. Worktables need to be functional but aesthetically pleasing as well.

The efficient use of space is the only way to make an effective design. Using all the elements given according to your needs can further increase not only the available storage space but also the efficiency of space use. This applies no matter how large or small your garage design is.

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