33 Relaxing Easter Door Decoration Ideas That You Should Try

If you’re religious, Easter may be a time to commemorate meaningful events from centuries past. If you’re not, you can still celebrate another meaningful event: Two days off from work. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to bond with family, and one way to do that is by creatively decorating exterior wood doors.

Like any holiday, Easter seems to come and go before you know it. You end up wishing you’d spent more time with loved ones and vowing to do it differently next year. While, “next year” is here, so what are you going to do about it?

Instead of regretting what you missed this time, why not rejoice over starting a new tradition of fun family projects and shared experiences? All you need for a memorable Easter are a few art supplies, exterior wood doors and the willingness to get cracking.

Wreath Out and Touch Someone

They say wreaths are only for Christmas, but how do you trust a group known only as “they”? With a little creativity, you can give the old wreath a new spin and make it the perfect Easter accent for exterior wood doors.

After gathering some plastic eggs in vibrant Easter colors like yellow, blue, pink and purple, glue them to a Styrofoam ring, being sure to thoroughly glue the underside to hold them in place. You can also tie some wire ribbon into a fancy bow and affix it to the bottom of the wreath to add some festive flair. The kids will have a blast putting it together, and you may just give that Christmas wreath a run for its money. What will “they” say about that?

Giddy for Garland

For something that’s short on effort but long on impact, consider Easter egg garlands on exterior wood doors. Using thick white cardstock, cut out egg shapes and paint stripes across them. Then attach them to a long piece of string and hang on exterior wood doors for all to see.

This is a perfect example of an Easter project that even the busiest family can find a few moments for, so they can’t use the excuse that they don’t have time. Well, they still could, but no one would buy it.

Brighten up with Baskets

Adorning exterior wood doors with baskets is an alternative to the wreath that leaves lots of room for creativity. The only stipulations are that the basket is light enough to hang on exterior wood doors and has a flat side that can easily lie against the door. After that, the possibilities are limitless.

Maybe you’ll fill it with Easter flowers, being sure to have a lightweight water source inside. You might insert a small nest with cracked eggshells and add some ribbon to the bottom of the basket. There are no hard and fast rules, except one: if you’re the type that can kill a cactus, you might be better off with plastic flowers instead. “Festive” and dead flowers really don’t mix.

Go Twig or Go Home

If you’d like to minimize your investment of time and materials, while still daring to be different, buy a twig wreath and glue some colorful flowers on it. Alternatively, hang some colorful birds in prominent spots around the wreath on exterior wood doors. The twig approach isn’t for everyone, but if you’re craving something unique, why not go out on a limb?

Whether you try one of these ideas or come up with your own, the point is to make it a team effort with the ones you love. Then sit back and give thanks for Easter blessings like family, friends and a long weekend with pay.

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