46 Delightful Home Office Design Ideas That Will Inspire You

When you think about offices, what is the first picture that comes into your mind? Four walls, with a desk, a computer and maybe some cabinets look pretty boring right? But who says that offices should be boring?For those who have offices at home, you have the liberty to convert your office into something stylish without needing the approval of your company. Take advantage of it.

Offices are usually decorated according to the function and role it has in the business. Offices for companies have a different look and appeal to its users. A CEO’s company usually exudes power, confidence, and professionalism. You can barely see a CEO office with cork boards and white boards. Common office areas for employees, on the other hand, are usually maintained clutter-free to be able to promote easy access and mobility for its employees during office hours.

Home offices, on the other hand, are more personalized and customized according to the needs of its user. Designing this kind of offices offers more freedom and the possibilities of what you can include inside are almost endless.

Question now is, how can you do it? Here are some quick tips to convert your bland home office into something magazine cover-worthy.

Pick a Color

There is no written rule that says you can only color your office’s wall white, unless you work in the company that has this policy. This is one good thing with home offices – your house, your rule. Paint it with something a little bit brighter. You can have Blue, Green, or Purple if you like. Whatever floats your boat, as they always say. Choose a color that would inspire you every time you work there.


Don’t limit yourself into just having a couple of chairs and desk in your office. Decorate it! Your decorations should be able to keep your senses alive when you work. We would suggest to get accessories that have dual or multiple purposes. With this, you are making your office beautiful, without eating too much space.

Don’t overdo it

Yes, it is your home and it is your style. But it does not mean that you can just put whatever trinkets you see on the market. Remember, it’s still an office and not your storage area. Keep things simple and organized. If you put so many things in your office, you might get distracted. You’d end up not being productive.

In a nutshell, make your office a place conducive for working and at the same time, will reflect your character.

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