39 Enjoying Diy Easter Ornament Ideas For Home Inspiration

Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays. It symbolizes the victory of life over death and the salvation of mankind. Most people love decorating their homes for this wonderful occasion.

Easter crafts are fun and creative, as long as you are willing to spend some time making something amazing to mark the festive occasion. Unleash your imagination and have fun with these Easter crafts.

1) Egg Decorating
The egg is a symbol of life and new beginning. Eggs are traditionally colored for Easter. The easiest way to approach this issue is through the purchase of egg colorants and the creation of red, yellow, blue or green eggs.

If you want to get eggs decorated in a more unusual manner, you can try a number of techniques.

Use crayons or a thin wax candle to draw patterns on the egg shell before you get it colored.

The place that was treated will retain the original shell color. The rest of the surface will get colored. Using this technique, you can make beautiful decorative patterns. In the beginning, it might be difficult to figure out what the final result will look like but as you get better, you will be able to come up with very intricate patterns.

Use a stencil to keep part of the egg surface uncolored. It can be a sticker or a piece of plastic. Cut it in the shape of a star, a heart or any other image that you fancy. Stick it to the shell. Color the egg and let it dry. Remove the stencil and use a cotton bud to apply another color to the shape that has remained uncolored.

The cotton bud can also be used to create dots on the surface that is already colored.

2) Easter wreath
Make a wreath for your door. Use flowers, tree branches, hollow egg shells and feather to come up with a pattern that pleases you.

3) Centerpieces
Empty several eggs. You can do that by cutting two small holes. Use the hollow eggs to make decorative pieces. Combine those with flowers to make beautiful table centerpieces. The eggs can remain white or they can be colored in the same shade as the flowers.

4) Egg Ornaments
Hollow eggs can be used in another fun way. Pinch two holes in the opposite ends of the egg. Pierce the yolk so that it can be taken out. Blow gently at one end so that you remove all of the egg white and yolk. Wash the shell and let it dry.

Use a long needle to pass a thin ribbon through both ends of the egg shell. Tie one end in a ribbon and tie the loose end to a tree branch or anywhere else that you want to have the egg decoration. Before doing that, you can get the hollow eggs colored.

An egg can easily turn into a human face. You will need markers and threads to create hair. Place these eggs in holders so that they are capable of standing straight. Have a multitude of egg faces decorating your home or acting as a table centerpiece.

You can always rely on simpler strategies to create beautiful Easter items. Use a brush and watercolors to draw on the surfaces of the eggs. This technique is less challenging and giving you the option to make complex drawings on the shell.

Each person can make use of countless craft ideas. It takes some determination and patience to turn your home into the most beautiful place this Easter.

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