46 Affordable Hanging Beds Design Ideas For Unique Bedroom On A Budget

Summer is one of the seasons, which we love most. We enjoy the outdoor play with our children in the garden, dip in the pool or just sit and read under the sun. Undoubtedly, there are many elements that we can add to the decor of our home so we can make these activities more enjoyable. We have seen, for example, chairs and hammocks that are great add-ons to the furniture. But did you ever think of a hanging single bed?

Hanging single beds are fantastic because they give us time to rest and feel suspended in the air – which is a unique feeling.Although at the market we can find hanging single beds ready to install, you can also build one. You’ll see that building a hanging single bed is not as difficult as it seems. You can convert any single bed into a hanging single bed.

First, you must measure your mattress and the bed. This is the basis for building the wooden board. You should leave a few inches over on each side. You choose the wood you like – lighter or darker – as the decoration you want to accomplish. Note that the table should be very thick and firm. Make four holes, one at each corner of the board.

You need a few yards of a very strong rope. A good option is to buy a rope similar to those used on ships because they are resilient and are prepared to withstand the wear. You’ll need also very strong hawks if you are hanging the bed from a wall. It is easier to hang the bed from a tree, because you’ll only need to make tough knots to hang it.

The last things we need to make this bed are 4 hooks for hanging the bed. You can hang it from any tree or wall, or combine the fixing point depending on what you have available. It is possible to hang it inside in a room (which is easier) or outdoors. The only problem of hanging the¬†single bed¬†outside in the garden is that outdoors you should take care that it doesn’t rain on it. Children also will tend to play more on the bed if it is hanging in the garden, so make it even stronger.

Best of the hanging beds is that you put in the middle of the room, thus achieving to become the undisputed queen of the environment. Decorate with colorful blankets and pillows to make it even more attractive.

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