38 Popular Kids Bedroom Decoration Ideas That Looks Awesome

Kids’ bedrooms can be a ton of fun to decorate. They give you a chance to be creative in a fresh and colorful way, without having to worry about being so serious in your design choices. Playfulness and fun are the key ingredients. Here are just a few kids bedroom décor ideas to get your creative energies going.

Animal Themed Bedroom

Most young kids are fascinated with animals. You can help indulge their interest and drive to learn by decorating their bedroom with an animal / zoo theme. You can find great animal posters online, but you can also have some fun painting the walls with a jungle or meadow green color and then stenciling various animals over it. If your child is old enough to help, they’ll have a blast as well. Bedroom décor can be a hands-on activity that helps you bond with your child.

The Princess Room

If you have girl, she’ll probably ask to get the Princess Room at sooner or later, especially if she, like many girls, has grown up on Disney movies. Wall paintings and posters filled with castles, unicorns, rainbows and fairy princesses are all must-haves for this kids bedroom theme. You can complement the designs with themed accent furniture.

Ships and Boats

For the aspiring ship captain, a ocean faring bedroom design is perfect. Use an ocean blue color for the lower half of the walls to serve as the sea, and paint the top half sky blue. Draw waves and ripples and decorate this ocean landscape with islands, sail ships, barges and other naval designs. Treasure chests, model ships, anchors and rudders can all serve accent pieces.

Sports Room

If your kid is a sports enthusiast, why not make his room into his favorite playing field? It’s easy to paint the walls with baseball, soccer, or basketball field designs. Themed covers are a must, and used sports memorabilia can serve as the key accent furniture ingredient. Good places to look for sports room decorations are used sporting goods, thrift stores and garage sales.

The Gardener’s Room

A garden themed room can be a great way to get your child excited about nature and healthy foods. You can decorate the walls by painting green hills in the background and brown garden patches in the foreground, which you can then decorate with carrots, cabbages, a scarecrow, corn stalks and other vegetables. You can either paint a garden fence on the wall, or buy an actual garden fence and use it to line the wall for a fun, 3D effect.

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