37 Outstanding Strorage Bedroom Design Ideas Without Closet To Try Asap

Can you imagine having bedroom without wardrobe? You will find that the room will feel relieved and concise. At first glance it is not easy to eliminate the wardrobe in bedroom. Moreover, it is hard to do if you feel that the bedroom will not complete without a wardrobe.

Well, there are some things that you can do to get around to the existence of the cabinet so that it will save the space that you have in your bedroom. For you who have small room, getting around to the existence of the cabinet will be very useful for you.

Open wardrobe is a concept of organizing wardrobe that will not seize the land in your bedroom. As its name, there is no door in the wardrobe. Everything that is kept inside can be seen directly. The arrangement of the wardrobe is like the ordinary wardrobes. There is a shelf area for storing clothes or other objects, and hanging area for hanging clothes.

Without the presence of the door, the existence of the closet is not visible. In other words, there is the wardrobe, but you cannot see the exact form of this furniture. You will find that the effect of this open wardrobe is similar to eliminate the bulkhead of a certain room. You will also find that this concept will give you more relief feeling when you are in y our bedroom. This concept is very suitable for houses with small space. This will give the effect of saving the land.

Additionally, open wardrobe will require you to be always neat. This is because everything is opened. If do not organize the items in the wardrobe, your bedroom will be messy and it is not great view.

If you are interested in having open wardrobe in your bedroom, you can create it with any size of the cabinet. In this matter, you have to look at your storing needs and the availability of the space. As a practical advice, you can use a basket or box for storing small items like ties, ribbons, scarves, etc. Additionally, to make an attractive look, you can coat the wall of the wardrobe with a mirror or patterned wallpaper. Happy trying!

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