39 Dreamy Bedroom Design Ideas For Wedding To Have Asap

Marking the first night that the newlyweds finally become one, it’s our duty as their family members to either make them feel absolutely comfortable or terribly awkward. And the only way to do that is by choosing the right wedding room decorations for their first night. With the countless number of wedding night bedroom decorations out there, choosing which one will work the trick can be tricky. Hence, to make it easier for you…

The Classic Bed of Roses Wedding Room Decorations

The most evergreen style of wedding room decoration is a bed full of roses. These beautiful petals in the colour of love itself, spread over the bed or in the shape of hearts has been a classic first-night bedroom decoration for generations as it never fails to set the mood for the lovebirds.

Magic in the Candlelight Wedding Bedroom Decoration

The one thing you cannot go wrong with while planning a wedding night room decoration is candles. Candles can instantly turn the tension in the atmosphere into a romantic vibe. You can also pair these candles with a couple of rose petals to add to the ambience of the wedding night room.

Flower Headboard First Night Bed Decoration

This one’s for those of you who don’t want petals of flowers on the bed but would still like to incorporate flowers into the wedding bedroom decoration. Other than placing bouquets of flowers around the room you can also place these flowers on the headboard and the foot of the bed.

The Simple Wedding Room Decorations

First nights can anyway be stressful for most couples, so to makes things easier for them you can opt for a simple Wedding room decorations rather than going all extravagant. Just a couple of flower petals and maybe a couple of candles to set the mood should do the trick.

All Extravagant First Night Bed Decoration

But for those siblings who would like to tease the newlyweds and make them feel completely awkward, here’s a wedding night bedroom decoration that will definitely get the job done. With balloons pillows and rose petals shapes in hearts, this first night decoration will definitely be something the lovebirds will never forget.

Mood Lights First Night Decoration

Another Wedding bedroom decoration that will definitely set the mood without being too obvious is to decorate the room with fairy lights. This is not only subtly but also sets a romantic aura in the first night bedroom.

A Private Affair Wedding Bedroom Decoration

If you’re looking for a first-night room decoration with flowers but don’t want to overdo it, this is a decoration idea you’ll like. Use the overhead frame that surrounds the bed and add some flowers of your choice onto it. To give the lovebirds some more privacy you can also add drapes to create a canopy around the bed.

Pathway of Roses Wedding Night Room Decoration

Let’s take the wedding bedroom decoration one step further from just decorating the bed and add some decorations to the room as well. To tease your Bhaiya and Bhabhi a little further, you can build a pathway of roses paired with some candle lights that leads to the bed. This little trick is the perfect way to intensify the romantic mood for the new sweethearts.

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