34 Fancy Diy Painted Plant Pots Design Ideas That Can Create Your Hobbies

There is the beauty of something, there is the beauty in something, there is the beautiful design of large plant pots, a unique design that when painted certain blends of color brings an added beauty to the plant that inhabits them. The larger the planter is the larger the role it plays in the aesthetics of the overall intended result and that is awesome

You can take a plant with an overall height of twelve to thirteen inches and a spread of twelve to thirteen inches and it works in a six to eight inch pot no problem because the beauty of the plant carries all the weight. The pot is a benign factor in this arrangement and merely serves the simple function of useful container whose usefulness ends when the life of the plant ends.

There are many fine designer pots on the market today representing every shape, color and material under the sun. Ranging from antique to contemporary utilizing clay, plastic, steel, stone and wood in the manufacturing process. Many employ the natural coloring of the very material they’re made of to enhance and bring about a special harmony between plant, pot and placement.

Unintended use can also hold a position of beauty by taking an object having a previously unrelated use and recycling it into a large plant pot, producing a natural quality and beautiful design like it was the original intended purpose.

Another beauty of the larger planters is the fact that you can leave them in a stationary position and swap out the plant itself in some kind of rotation scheme. There is room enough to fit a smaller much cheaper composite pot inside allowing an easier transition for seasonal trends and a cost effectiveness leaner budgets can appreciate. With this type of configuration the large plant pot acts as a holder and stabilizer to the smaller and sometimes top heavy plant that otherwise might be affected by wind gust or if something happens to brush up against it. After all is said and done, beautiful design makes large plant pots awesome.

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