33 Splendid Diy Outdoor Shower Design Ideas That You Should Try

The entire family can take advantage of an outdoor shower, especially when they come back from an afternoon swim in their front lawn or backyard. The availability of a shower enclosure nearby ensures that you can freshen up even if you are outside before stepping inside your home. When times that your home is filled up with guests and the bathrooms inside your home are occupied, then an outdoor shower will be very handy.

Although the choice of what type of shower enclosure to use is entirely yours, wooden shower enclosures look neat and are very cost effective. Before you do start building an outdoor shower enclosure, make sure that you have measured and marked the dimensions of the enclosure on a piece of paper. This will be very helpful when constructing the outdoor shower.

Concrete Flooring Pad

After you have decided the location of your outdoor shower enclosure, mark the area of the concrete pad which will be the basis of the shower floor which needs to be laid out. Depending on the width of the shower enclosure, use a concrete cement mix to lay the floor of the shower. After pouring the mixed cement on the floor, make sure you smoothen the surface with a trowel, so as to ensure that it does not have any loose ends and bumps.

The Correct Way of Flooring

It is very important when taking a shower to see to it that the water used needs to pass through a hole used for drainage. While building the floor for the shower enclosure, you have to make sure that the water does not stagnate in a particular area. It is a prerequisite for any outdoor shower to have a floor that is slightly sloping to ensure that the water does not stay in one place.

Fixing the Water Pipes

The post that you will have to set up in the ground needs to be at least 8 to 10 feet tall. Get the help of a plumber to install the PVC pipes through the posts. Get the plumber to drill a hole in the pipe for a stop lever. After that, attach the shower head to the top end of the PVC pipe to make sure there is a free flow of water.

Building the Exteriors

To build the enclosure of the outdoor shower, dig up the ground in accordance to the width of the shower area. Use waterproof wooden planks and set them to stand in a rectangular or oval fashion in accordance with your design. Although a lot of outdoor showers are without any roofs, you can opt to attach a thatched roof that would go nice with the outdoors. You can use latches that match the woodwork of the shower enclosure for the door.

The Interior of the Enclosure

If there is more space inside the enclosure, you can add a seating area with rough granite. Another great option is to add a compact mirror hanging in an area away from the shower head. At night, it is very helpful to add lights with dim glow to add some accents to your shower. Often, people don’t necessarily add towel racks and just leave their towels hanging on the latches of the door. Although it does suit its purpose, it is a good idea to install some towel racks. You can also have a compartment where you can keep your toiletries. This will ensure that you don’t need to make frequent trips to other areas in order to get them.

Once you have completed the steps of building your own outdoor shower, take a moment and marvel at what you have accomplished. The efforts that you have invested in building your outdoor shower will make you sweat so get in there and have a good shower to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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