32 Wonderful Apartment Design Ideas With Asian Exotic Accents

The Asian style of decorating is bold, elegant and beautiful. If you want your home to make a great impression and exude style that demands attention, there is no better way to achieve this. While this style of decor may be a bit overwhelming for those who desire a relaxed atmosphere, it is definitely one for those with a love for the bold and dramatic! This article offers tips for transforming your home into one that will be the envy of all who enter.

As surprising as it sounds, Asian decor offers simplicity. Furniture and accessories are kept to a minimum, eliminating clutter. However, the pieces that are used are dramatic and boldly colored for greater visual impact.

Use of Bold, Dramatic Color

The colors usually used in Asian decor include red, black, gold and shades of tan, brown and grey, particularly in Japanese style decorating. Furniture is often finished in a black lacquer that shines like glass. Gold may be used for walls and trim.

Incorporating Texture

Asian decor includes an abundance of natural texture. Bamboo is often found in furnishings, window coverings and containers for plants. Paper surfaces might be included in wall prints, and the use of natural rock adds to the drama. Bamboo plants are often found in containers adorned with red and gold hues.

Oriental Rugs are a Must

This type of decor would not be complete without the addition of oriental rugs! Unlike other styles of decorating, floors are the basis of Asian decor. Whether covered with an exquisite floral wool rug or a tatami mat, furnishings are chosen to draw out and complement the colors of the floor.

Screens and window accents are other elements that are important in this style of decor. A Shoji screen can be used simply as a beautiful piece of decor to divide the room, or as a cover for more unattractive spaces. It may also be used to block the views from a window. Ornately decorated, screens are a vital aspect of the oriental theme.

For the windows themselves, things are kept basic and simple to provide the perfect balance to the distinctive flooring and furnishings. You will often find windows are accented by simple curtains or by bamboo or wooden blinds. If furnishings are tan, grey, or other neutral colors, window accents may be bold; the Chinese often use window accents that include tassels.

Asian decor, while dramatic, offers an atmosphere of serenity and peacefulness. Remember to keep clutter to a minimum, and use bold accents along with the elements of nature. Your rooms will be appealing and attention-grabbing, while at the same time simplistic and serene.

The next time you visit an oriental style restaurant, take note of the decor. You can find some extraordinary examples online that will give you more ideas on how to incorporate this exquisite look in your own home! When you want your home to stand apart from the ordinary, there is no better way to do it than with the elegant look of Asian inspired decor.

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