31 Cozy Outdoor Winter Planters Design Ideas For Winter Season That You Need To Try

For many businesses, outdoor planters are the secret to successfully navigating the bleak winter months.

Wintertime is universally embraced until the holiday season has come and gone, that is. What was festive and fun quickly becomes grim and miserable when the New Year’s celebrations have ended.

Fortunately, green plants can add a fresh perspective to an otherwise dreary landscape. When used in beautiful outdoor planter arrangements, they can brighten up the mood of customers and staff alike.

Plants Improve the Appearance of Your Facility

Unless you live in a subtropical climate, the dead of winter leaves exterior landscapes looking lonely and depressing. Piles of dirty snow, brown lawns and flower beds, and a backdrop of gray skies all contribute to the malaise and ennui that permeates this time of year.

Add a few splashes of vibrant growth, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference it can make.

Imagine walking up to the door of your office or business, and instead of grays and browns, you get to see green, growing plants. This welcome can pump new life and energy into the look and feel of your facility.

Using Outdoor Planters in Your Business

You can adopt a variety of creative strategies for beautifying your business with outdoor planters.

If you have an outdoor entryway or sidewalk, consider lining both sides with containers. Or place a large container on either side of your entry and exit doors.

If you have upstairs offices, consider adding window boxes or pots on balconies or elevated walkways.

In outdoor break areas or common spaces, add benches with integral planters to offer your visitors and staff a vibrant spot for grabbing some fresh air.

Mix and match container sizes and shapes to create an interesting visual landscape. The real magic, however, comes in your selection of plant species.

Selecting Plants

The perfect plants, shrubs, trees and flowers for your exterior containers are those that will embrace winter’s weather in your location.

In the more temperate areas of the southern United States, you have many options for plant species that will brighten up the colder months. Although some may require a little extra care, you can choose colorful and hearty species in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Even if your business is located in a cold, snowy climate, many types of plants will thrive in an outdoor setting.

Evergreen holly, bergenia and snowdrops all will provide pops of color. Almost any evergreen or conifer species will work as well.

Seek Advice

The most effective way to select plant species that will thrive is to ask an expert for recommendations. If you want to undertake the project yourself, expect to spend a bit of time and money putting it all together, but the outcome will be worth the effort.

An easier way to brighten up your business is to contact an interiorscape or business plant service to handle the legwork for you. These businesses will provide the planters and plants you specify, or they will recommend the best options for your location and climate.

Not only that, but commercial plant services will visit your facility regularly to water and care for the plants and to replace any that aren’t thriving. They also can provide office plants indoors, to bring the green magic into your office or facility.

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