35 Relaxing Diy Bicycle Planters Design Ideas With Vintage Vibe To Try Asap

To a common person a heap of junk is nothing but to be a thrown away material, but for a DIY it’s a source of new creativity. If you are a DIY you would see every dead or retired thing with an observing and creative eye, to make it back to life with a new functional role. And we are here to inspire you to become a DIY and for the existing DIYs we are a source of help and assistance for innovative ideas every day.

And recycling and repurposing the useless items saves a lot of your money and sharpens your creative and artistic skills too. Today we are going to show an altogether new attire of bicycles that you would have even not imagined.

These are amazing DIY bicycle planters’ ideas, making your garden decor more unique and stand out. You must be having an old bicycle in your garage if not then you can one from a bicycle work shop at affordable prices to award new dimensions and statements of style and decor to your beautiful garden area.

Fill some baskets with plants and flowers and place them on the bicycle handle or seat for a whimsical planter possession which would give a big jaw drop to your neighbors for sure. If the bicycles are rusty, spray them with a bright color like pink, yellow or blue to make a striking contrast with green grass. Make these lovely bicycle planters stand either in the center, along the fence or with a tree trunk support in your garden.

  • DIY Bicycle PlanterAttach a wooden planter on the back seat of the bicycle. The size of the planter depends on your back seat area and shape. Fill the planter with flowers of your choice and park it in the spot of your choice.
  • Flower Bike. Line your bicycle basket with coconut liner and cover the paddles with shoes disguised as planters. The next step will be to add your favorite ornamental plants, that’s enough.
  • Bicycle GardenThis is one of the coolest bicycle planter ideas–Paint a bicycle in one color and adorn it with pots and flowers of the same color.

Image Source : Pinterest

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