31 Favorite Home Music Studio Design Ideas That Inspire Everyone

Creating a home music studio can feel like an overwhelming task, here we will go over and discuss the main principles that even professional recording studios use so you can apply them in your own home music studio. The key will be to create a cost effective approach that will give you the results you want to achieve. If you understand the key principles that make a home music studio you will have a good foundation on which you can expand and grow upon.

Due to increasing consumer access to home recording software and equipment with even a modest budget one can acquire gear you need to get started in your home music studio. The basic equipment required to start a home music studio is a computer, recording software, speakers, audio interface and a microphone.

This is a home music studio in its most basic form, from there you can expand to multiple outboard effects, analogue mixer, more mic pre-amps and a closet full of microphones. The key is to start with the basics, get them working, and hitting the record button.

Acoustic instruments all have an individual sound because of there shape, type of strings, materials used etc.. You should think of your home music studio space as an instrument, where any room has a different sound depending on the shape, size and acoustics. For your home music studio you want your room to have a flat frequency response so that you have accurate representation of sound being played back and recorded. Without a good sounding room no matter the gear, your efforts may be in vain. Have no fear there are simple and cost effective ways to improve the sound of your room to get the most out of your recordings.

Once you have a room sounding great and equipment that suits your needs the next step will be experimenting with recording techniques and mic placement. This is the fun part because there are only guide lines no hard set rules to recording techniques and mic placement. Remember, if anyone tries to tell you there is only one way to record something, without turning your back to them, slowly make your way to the nearest exit.

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