37 Fascinating Wooden Rocking Horses Design Ideas With Monsters Inspired

A rocking horse is the perfect thing to own for anyone who has a liking for beauty and woodwork. It’s a work of art that echoes childhood memories and sleepy summer afternoons. It’s something that you can keep at home to admire but still use everyday. Rocking horses aren’t snooty, they welcome anyone who cares to sit down to a steady motion of calm.

There are several ways to get your hands on one. You can look around the internet or various specialty stores and purchase a design you like. If you want something specific or unique you can go to woodworking shops and hire a skilled woodworker to complete your dream rocking horse.

Another option is to make one yourself. Rocking horse chairs are ideal gifts for children. You can make a carousel horse for your little princess and a fine sturdy stallion for the kid who thinks he’s a dragon-slayer. It would be great to be able to pass on to a wide-eyed child something you have made with your own hands. Something they can play with using creativity and imagination. Something they can fondly remember when they’ve become too old for fantasies of cowboys, knights, ivory towers and sunsets.

It’s not as impossible as you might think. You don’t have to be a professional to make one. With moderate skills in woodworking and a good rocking horse plan, you’re good to go. The mechanics of putting together a wooden horse are posted all over the internet. Kid friendly horses can be fashioned to resemble an airplane, a motorcycle, a teddy chair, a dragon, and, of course, a horse.

Consider the recipient when constructing the horse, it’s size and height should fit the child’s physique. If it is too tall or wide the child may be in danger of hurting themselves with it. Stick to curves as opposed to sharp angles so they don’t injure themselves. And make sure you sand the wood before painting or finishing the project with oil or varnish to avoid splinters.

Adding the right finishing touches to the design can make or break your project. Most rocking horse plans end with the construction of the wooden base shape. It is up to you how to paint, finish and accessorize the chair. Children like vibrant colors so you can incorporate the kid’s favorite hue. Other materials like rope for the reigns and leather or fur for the saddle could also be added.

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