36 Enchanting Ikea Workspace Design Ideas In Garage To Try Asap

The garage is often a dumping ground for the typical home. It is also the fix-it man or woman’s domain. Keeping things organized is essential for the smooth functioning of the weekend warrior’s lair.


Nothing claims and defines a workspace in the garage like a big old workbench. It is also the perfect place to bolt down those more stationary tools like grinding wheels and buffers.

There are many options for building a bench from a custom wall mounted unit with room underneath to pipe legs and plywood tops. You can also go for a store bought bench – but, where is the fun in that?

Pegboard Tool Rack

No workbench is complete without a nice hunk of pegboard hanging on the wall behind it to sort and organize tools. The classic version is made from masonite board, but it is now possible to choose diamond tread metal versions that are painted or chromed to give your garage a polished look.

To make the peg wall useful, a wide assortment of hooks and hangers are available to fix your tools to the board.

One useful organization tactic is to draw outlines around the tools to give a visual reference for where each tool belongs. One quick glance will let you know what is missing.

Hooks and Hangers

No garage organization is complete without a whole bunch of hooks and hangers. They can be used to hang bicycles from the ceiling and shovels and rakes from the wall. Do not forget to include a row of hooks for coats hats and other outside work clothes.

Tool Boxes

Tool boxes come in a wide variety of configurations. If your work mostly takes place inside the garage (like working on cars or mowers) then a tall shop toolbox with lots of drawers is a good choice. If you mostly find yourself grabbing the toolbox to work in the house, yard, or on the road, there are a number of toolboxes with wheels and handles to help move things around without breaking your back.

You will probably have more than one toolbox – one for each set of tasks.

Cabinets and Shelves

The garage is home to paint cans and many other containers that need a home. There are also lots of odds and ends that do not fit anywhere else. Cabinets and shelves are the answer to effective storage.

You should have at least one metal storage cabinet to hold flammable products like paints and thinners.


Getting your garage organized is a step-by-step process. Pick a zone and get it in shape, and then move to the next. Hooks and hangers are a good place to start, because they help you get things off the floor. Then, work your way up to the bigger projects.

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