34 Cozy Winter Window Display Ideas On A Budget To Have

To add the ideal winter feel to your Christmas celebrations, outdoor elements related to snow are perfect picks. To ensure you never lose their sight and get the chilly wintry feel even sitting inside, dress up your windows for the coming season. It is a popular practice to create Christmas winter windows along with decorating the house.

There are various ways to go about the task and everyone around the house can participate in the easy crafts. From painting to design patches, you have a lot to experiment with. Following are some of the simple ideas that you may apply.

Miscellaneous Materials
• Doily, pure white in color
• Fabric stiffener
• Glitters
• Birch twigs with thicker central branch
• White wool
• Artificial snow frost for windows that is easily removable with dry cloth
• Tempera paints
• Black beads
• Red or orange construction paper
• Black pepper
• Rubber cement, as it is easy to remove and does not harm glass surfaces
• Scissors

Steps to make Christmas winter windows:
• Adhesive Snowflakes: Get a snowflake design from books, decorative items, or internet.
– Shaping the snowflakes: Obtain a well cut doily and fold it into four layers. Give it a more flake-like cut using the reference image.
– Stiffening the flakes: Soak them in a fabric stiffener.
– Sparkling: Sprinkle some silver glitters. Let it dry.
– Placing on windows: Stick on the windows at different places. Spray artificial frost all over the window.

• Winter Scenery:
– Making branches: Paste some birch twigs vertically near the lower end of the window. Arrange them in such a way that they appear like distant birch trees visible from the window.
– Putting snow: Glue some white wool at the base of the ‘trees.’ This should look like snow cover on the ground.
– Adding sparkle: Sprinkle silver glitters on the wool.
– Snowfall effect: Spray artificial snow to give the effect of snowfall.

• Painted Snowman: Tempera colors are the best choice due to their cost-effectiveness, fast drying, excellent finish, longevity, and easy removability.
– Setting the surface: Clean the glass surface well.
– Making the snowman: Paint your favorite snowman picture in tempera colors.
– Accessorizing: To give a realistic appearance, you may paste some elements, like scarf, black pepper eyes, nose made of construction paper, etc. Stick wool on the lower edge.
– Glittering: Sprinkle some glitters.
– Making frost: Add snow frost.

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