32 Enjoying Cliff House Design Ideas To Get Inspired You

With the advances of technology, there have been many ideas for the future. Many artists and developers have come up with concept cars, concept motorcycles, and even concept houses or living areas. Some of the futuristic ideas people have come up with for homes are designed for ultimate luxury, environmentally friendly, and good for your personal finances. Some of these ideas may be a little further in the future than we may think, and some are being developed today.

Shipping containers have become the latest idea for building material. The thought of recycling something like a shipping crate has become very popular leading to apartments and homes made out of them. Houses built using these can be as big as you would like, or the six of just one container.

Insulation and central AC or heating units can be added to these homes easily, so can just about everything else. These homes can be very spacious and can have as much or as little luxury as you desire. A lot of people choose to have more eco-friendly appliances and features added as well, like solar panels or their own water recycling systems. These particular homes are open to the public market and are going fast.

Different lines, angles, and simple features are becoming more and more popular and have inspired designers to develop homes based on this concept. Homes like the K Home or the Curved Cliff House are designed with interesting lines as part of the main focal point of the home. The Curved Cliff House allows for breath taking views to be available from just about any room in the house. These homes seem even bigger with all of the full length windows and interesting shaped rooms. Different features can be found in each home such as a fire place that can be enjoyed in 360 degrees in the Curved Cliff House and a stunning red K-shaped book case in the K Home. These homes have already been developed and built, the K Home can be found in Bellarine, Australia, and the Curved Cliff Home can be found off of Lake Tahoe.

Everyone’s mind goes to ‘The Jetson’s’ cartoon home when we think about futuristic homes. Well, their home could eventually become a possible option on the housing market. Ok, so probably not just yet, but we are getting there. Floating home concepts are being talked about in great detail. Some of these homes are more pod like than anything, the Jelly-fish 45 not only has 5 stories above water, but also has a bottom seating area that is above the water so you can relax and enjoy the marine wild life. There have also been idea’s for an entire town to be at sea. The Lillypad is a floating city designed to keep its in habitants alive by having fresh food and water available and a wide variety of plant life. These cities would also be eco-friendly by recycling carbon dioxide and waste material as well as have its own water purification system. Most of the floating home and city ideas are only proposed and designed right now, but will not be a reality until later. These designs are meant to help solve different ecological problems and make it to where humans can live in a globally warmed society.

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