38 Best Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas To Awesome Everyone

Thanks to the growing popularity of Twilight, and other vampire related books and movies, people are becoming totally obsessed with vampires. Vampire lore suggests a very dark and sexy atmosphere, and a lot of people are trying to achieve that Gothic look in their home decor.

If you want to give your bedroom a vampire-inspired look, read these design tips and put them to use! You’ll be relaxing in your own lair in no time!

When most people think vampires, one color choice usually comes to mind – black. Black paint and decorative elements can play a huge part in a bedroom’s look, but be careful that you don’t overdo it. Black absorbs heat, so an all black room can become very hot during the summer. Also remember that it will be a lot of work to paint over if and when you want to change it. If you do decide to paint the room black, then you’ll need to carefully consider your lighting choices. Check out antique stores for old, brass or silver fixtures that go with your Gothic theme.

Another excellent color to use in a vampire themed room is red. A deep and rich crimson color will make your room feel warm and sexy. Red walls with lots of black accessories and antique fixtures would be the perfect elements to your vampiric theme room.

There are lots of nice little accessories you can get at thrift or antique stores that will help you achieve that perfect goth look. Candelabras, picture frames, old mirrors and other ornate accouterments will add to the mystery of your bedroom. If you can afford it, a four-poster bed would complete the look. Gothic style cabinets and armoires can also add tons of character.

Remember, you want a space that is also livable, so don’t go overboard on the decor. Whenever one attempts to redecorate their space with a theme in mind, one must practice some restraint, or a room can quickly become cluttered. Be selective and pick furniture, accessories and designs that compliment each other, and don’t overwhelm the room size.

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