37 Relaxing Basement Rec Room Ideas For Living Area To Have Now

It’s finally happened, even if you’ve been slow to admit it. Television sucks. You feel despondent, distant even from most of what’s happening on that glowing screen you’ve been turning to for all of your entertainment needs for decades. Suddenly, TV just doesn’t cut it anymore. And you know what? That’s a good thing. If you feel motivated to bring new joys and pleasures into your life, it’s something you should embrace, not refuse. TV will always be there waiting in case your plans don’t work out. But in the meantime, exploring other entertainment options brings with it the hope that you may find something better than what TV could ever offer.

This article is all about one way to get something better.

A home recreation room is something that’s notoriously absent in most U.S. homes, despite the massive influx of video game systems, Blu-ray players, HD televisions, and more. That’s because most people use their family room or living room as their main space, and simply plant all of their entertainment options there. The creation of a rec room, however, divides those spaces, turning your living room into a place for lounging, and the other into a place for play. An effective rec room encourages play and fun, and provides multiple avenues for happiness other than blankly staring at a glowing screen for hours.

Whether you choose your basement, a spare bedroom, or some other extra space to turn into your new home rec room matters less than what you do with that room. First and foremost, you need a major centerpiece to the room. A twenty dollar folding card table from the local department store just won’t cut it. You need something big and exciting, something that easily draws attention and can convince even the laziest of people to get up off the couch to go enjoy it. Pools tables are perennially popular choices, though unless most of your family members or guests are talented at it, they’re not the best choice. Air hockey tables are prime for the job, as anyone can pick up and play at any time, regardless of talent or experience. Foosball is a great alternative, as even though it’s not as easy as air hockey to pick up, the learning curve is much smaller than pool’s learning curve.

Once you’ve decided on your rec room’s centerpiece, there are a few other important things to have. First, make sure you have plenty of seating. Anyone who has to stand around the entire time is going to be much more likely to vote for TV the next time you hang out, as at least then they can sink into your sofa. So be sure to pick up plenty of comfortable seating options. Second, install a mini fridge, and be sure to stock it with all the regular goods. This way, there’s added convenience in staying in the rec area. And finally, put plenty of alternative games and distractions in the room. Dart boards, board games, a mini bar; they’re all encouraging others to stay in the rec area, particularly if there’s a long wait to get onto the air hockey or Foosball table.

With all of these trappings, you’re likely to end up with the best and most inviting recreation room in the neighborhood.

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