36 Beautiful Brick House Exterior Makeover Design Ideas That You Must Try

Everyone wants a home that stands apart from the rest in the neighborhood; a home that’s special for all the right reasons. You might achieve that status by spending a bundle on exotic landscaping, installing custom shaped windows, or putting an Olympic sized pool in your backyard. But, brick vinyl siding can create dramatic accents and cover up that ugly concrete foundation for less. In no time, you can be the star of your cul-de-sac.

How to Use Brick Vinyl Siding on Your Home

One of the best rewards of a DIY siding project is knowing you’re playing a key role in giving your home an extensive exterior makeover. You and your family get to decide on the style and type of exterior siding for your home. Then, you choose what colors best suit the personality of the home and your family. Before you start installing siding, look for some areas on your home’s exterior that might benefit from brick siding.

Here are some locations that might benefit from brick vinyl siding:

  • A recessed or pronounced entryway
  • Any part of your home’s front elevation that projects forward from the rest of the house
  • Over concrete or block foundations to give your home the upscale appearance of a masonry veneer

Brick vinyl siding is available in several authentic brick colors and is installed using fasteners or construction adhesive. Most manufacturers offer sheets of approximately 44 inches by 18 inches, so installing siding on your home shouldn’t take long at all.

Brick vinyl siding may be the ideal product for highlighting your home during your DIY siding project.

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