37 Spectacular Living Room Design Ideas With Lounge Chair To Try

If there is one set of furniture that will really set the mood in your home, it would have to be a lounge suite. These sets of furniture pieces (generally involving 3 to 5 items, usually chairs and sofas) are usually placed in a home’s living room or den (read: lounge), and-when chosen with taste and criteria-can capture and synthesize the predominant “feel” of a home, thereby coming to be a representation in miniature of the home at large.

Having a snazzy lounge suite in your parlor, living room, or where have you is not only going to give a home an increased degree of comfort and functionality, but it will furthermore send out a message to guests in your home:

“This house has style!” Having a furniture suite has always been a sign of good taste and strong interior decorating savvy, and that preconception is just as valid today as it was over a hundred years ago and beyond; in fact, it appears to be a phenomenon that stretches well back into the beginnings of human history, when people began to appreciate match-making and more elaborate interior designs. Lounge furniture seems to have always had a prominent place in society over the ages as well (a good example is the typically low-lying furniture used by the Romans, representing something similar to what we would today refer to as a chaise longue, a classic lounge furniture item), except for perhaps during the Victorian era, during which suffocating notions of moral propriety associated lounging with lasciviousness. During this period, more rigid furniture experienced its apogee, with pieces like canapĂ© sofas and elaborate armchairs being very popular.

Fortunately, society shed the repressive code of conduct imposed by Victorian notions of (im)propriety-at least a good part of it-and people could get back to lounging around as much as they wanted! Of course, it is important to note that the term “lounge suite” refers strictly to a set of sofas and chairs arranged in a common space, though our modern understanding of the term has come to hinge more on the verb “lounge” than on the noun “lounge.” Hence, a good lounge suite needs to be very comfortable and permit a person to stretch out and relax.

There are many styles available when buying such furniture suites, though certain varieties are perceived as more attractive and stylish than others by most people. Leather is a material that is always in high demand, and is always associated with good taste and elegance, which makes leather lounge suites a great buy. Furthermore, leather is simple enough to combine effectively with a wide array of room environments (especially since leather can be had in many different colors), from minimalist and futuristic designs to more elaborate and classic home arrangements. Other materials that are versatile and generally sought after would include microsuede, as well as fabrics with a variety of designs like plaids, stripes, tapestries, velvets and velours. Whichever you choose, make sure it combines well with the rest of the room!

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