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Most people are fascinated by just having a look at the numerous varieties of cactus plants and have an intention of planting them in their own household, either indoors or outdoors. The main advantage of planting cactus is that they hardly require much attention and care as compared to the other conventional plants. Since there are many factors, which are responsible for the proper sustenance of a cactus plant, there is no simple recipe with regards to their frequency and correct amount of watering.

It is essential to keep a tab on certain factors while planting cactus indoors. Prominent parameters comprise of the soil variety, the climate, the local wind conditions and the ambient air temperature. Nevertheless, it needs to be understood that cactus plants don’t like wet soil at all. Hence, the drier the soil, the better it would be for the cactus. However, in the months of winter, it would be necessary to water the cactus so as to avoid withering and shrinking.

More about Cactus Planting:

The watering process of the cactus plant needs to be thoroughly accomplished. Shallow watering often hampers the process of planting cactus. The water needs to flow through the drain holes. Any excess water needs to be instantly discarded. With the increase of sunlight during the spring season, the water requirement of the plant also soars. However, in between the plant waterings, the soil needs to remain dry. Although, watering cacti does not seem a difficult task, a careful observation and some experimentation would act beneficial. In such situations, it is essential to follow the golden rule of “less is more”.

The process of slow and deep watering would provide some sort of help during the process of planting cactus. Although in the initial stages, there are high chances of the plant suffering from water stress, an increased probability of survival is observed in the later stages. It helps them to grow more evenly and keep the stress at bay. This method is more commonly known as “deep soaking”. Essentially, “deep soak” is a steady and slow drip process, which is done for a period spanning two to six hours. The duration of the drip is determined by the size of the plant. Normally, the older plants have a larger watering storage capability and can survive for longer periods in between the watering process. Hence, planting cactus of the older variety would be more beneficial.

Important Steps to be Followed:

It is important to avoid any sort of watering for a freshly planted cactus. In addition, it is also essential to keep the plant dry and wait for a week before the planting process gains accomplishment. This would give a healing time for the roots prior to their exposure to water. More watering is required in the warmer temperatures as compared to the cooler temperatures.

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