48 Cool Small Apartment Design Ideas To Copy Right Now

Consider this blast from the past, art deco interior design with small apartment furniture.  Once it was all the rage in the 1920’s and 30’s.  However it had a short lived life as a way of designing and setting yourself apart from everyone else.  This is in all probability because it grew to such vast popularity.  Once everyone started to have it you were no longer set apart from the mainstream and in essence no longer different.

Art deco interior design has no deep founded roots in political movements or philosophical theories; it was simply a movement to be creative. It was a whim so to speak and everyone was excited to try and take part in it.

The term art deco did not really get used during the heyday of the actual design use.  It was derived from a term that was coined in 1925, but did not really begin to be used until 1968 when it appeared in a book that was written at the time. It is something that is as one would say a word that came about because of an observation later on in time.

The End of Art Deco Popularity

It was while World War II was going on that the art deco movement came to a stop. Since so many people in the west were now able to get all of the items that were needed in order to take part in this art deco interior design movement. This was because as opposed to having a signature piece or design the items being used were being mass produced and at a fraction of the original cost, making it the design of every man, not just he elite and rich with small apartment furniture.

Currently there are offices and organizations that are hard at work in an effort to try and restore the art deco experience for the world.  They are trying to restore homes and offices as well as state buildings so as to preserve this time in the history of our country. In there efforts they have discovered many items and things to use to restore and bring to life that time in history.

For many it is important to keep the art deco interior design movement alive and well. It has lived on in one way or another in so many of us and for so long that we do not want to forget this time of the 20’s and 30’s when so much was happening with small apartment furniture.


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