48 Delicate Light Collection Design Ideas For Autumn Decorations

Autumn is just around the corner, and although you will be sad to say goodbye to the long summer days, it’s a chance once again to revive your wardrobe with the season’s upcoming fashions.

From eclectic Scottish designs to the exaggerated power-dressing styles, the trends for the second half of 2009 promise to be bold, innovative and most importantly, memorable. The first of the trends to look out for next season is Horror Girl. A quirky take on Hammer House of Horror movie dressing, Horror Girl mixes the fragile damsel in distress with the wicked vampire using Gothic lace cobweb-esque knits and line-crushed velvet.

Victorian nightwear is reworked and appears in ivory coloured blouses, bed jackets and corsets. While feminine chiffons featuring ruffles are offset by more grungy pieces. 80s inspired denim jackets, shirts and jeans are slashed and bleach-splattered and look great team with distressed leather.

The look is toughened up with studs and eyelets, while prints are either abstract in sinister oxblood, scarlet and forest green or tongue-in-cheek with haunted houses, bleeding poppies, blood dripping stripes, and motifs such as ‘be afraid’ and ‘kiss of the vampire’.

Next up is Highland where traditional Scottish casual clothing meets English eccentric. Knitwear is back with an heirloom and handcrafted quality to it and is brought up to date with enlarged or reversed Fair Isle patterns. A highland stag brings a light hearted slant and looks great teamed with tartan.

Casual coats are also important at this time of year and this year’s jackets have been designed with the great outdoors in mind. In moss green, royal blue and brown, they are waxed or have quilted panelling. A collection of military inspired smart coats are also expected, including styles such as a maxi trench in sand and a double breasted check coat made from a cosy tactile yarn.

The next trend set to re-emerge this summer brings us back in time to the 1980s cocktail party scene. Known as the ‘Manhattan Cocktail’, this style relies on exaggerated shapes and show-stopping colours, fabrics and textures. Silhouettes are emphasised – structured jackets are key, bodycon dresses in simple jersey are ignited by shoulder pads, and bandeau tops and dresses in leather are corseted and flare out at the waist.

Animal print is used throughout; multicoloured leopard print appears on skirts and jersey pieces while mock croc ankle boots emanate ‘over the top’ glamour. Gold highlights give accessories a new season touch with sparkling buckles on belts, clutch bags and heels.

Another flash from the past set to hit the shops this autumn is the ‘Marianne’ style. This eclectic collection of vintage glamour fused with grunge takes inspiration from 70s groupies and has a dress-up box feel. Luxurious fabrics are given an antique finish; sequins are tarnished, faux furs appear matted and chunky knits are ragged and distressed.


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