39 Classy Traditional Dining Room Ideas That Looks Stunning

When decorating a house, many people seek to recreate some of the cozy touches they remember from growing up. The dining room is an easy room to try to recreate this feeling. Many people will find that a traditional dining table is the first step in creating this mood.

Sitting along the expansive wooden dining table can spark memories of many family meals of yesterday. The place settings on the table can also help reinforce that feeling. If family china and stemware have been passed down to the next generation, choosing a traditional dining table makes perfect sense. In some cases, the dining room table has been passed down as well. Here are some points to consider when furnishing your dining room:

o Consider a cabinet
If you have many pieces to display, a cabinet offers a perfect solution of stylish storage. In addition to the pieces on display, many cabinets will offer drawers or shelves for other items such as cutlery and table linens.

o Base Speaks to Style
The traditional dining table is usually constructed out of wood including the base. A variety of bases are used in traditional furniture. In addition to the traditional legs, bases might be pedestals with intricate detail on the pedestal bases or legs.

o Color is a Factor
The color of stain or paint on a piece of furniture should be taken into consideration. Many traditional dining tables will be finished with a dark stain such as walnut or mahogany. The table might also have several coats of polyurethane to protect the finish. Tables with that glossy look usually have been treated with polyurethane.

o Consider Additional Pieces
A buffet or sideboard is a low, long piece of furniture that serves a couple of purposes. The top of the piece offers more surface area for side dishes as well as display items. There is also storage inside the piece for everything thing from candlesticks to place mats to silver pieces.

o Don’t Forget the Chairs

Dining room chairs can complement the traditional dining room table in many ways. Windsor style chairs are always a popular bet with this style of table. That style chair is not the only option. Chairs in a similar finish to the table can also be used to great effect. Having two chairs with arms and the rest as straight-backed chairs can also set the traditional dining room tone.


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