41 Fascinating Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Color Ideas To Try

The tiles you use in your bathroom are an essential part of its decor. Wall tiles especially affect the overall ambiance of the bathroom. They can make a bathroom look colorful and vibrant or dull and staid. If you are looking for bathroom wall tile ideas, you have a lot to choose from. You can cover the entire wall with tiles or you can decide to tile only the wall in the shower areas or you can cover half the wall with tiles and the remaining with paint. Whichever you choose, make sure that the tiles go well with the overall feel and color scheme of the bathroom.

One of the most popular bathroom wall tile ideas involves using large, rectangular shaped tiles. Larger tiles mean lesser grout and this makes cleaning easier since dirt tends to accumulate in the group used to fill in the space between tiles. Other bathroom wall tile ideas include using different patterned tiles, scattering colored tiles at random and using dark colored grout.

If you decide to go in for plain white or off-white colored tiles for your bathroom wall, you can liven up the ensemble by including dark colored tiles like red, blue or green ones in the middle. It need not follow a certain pattern. Just include the colored tiles at random positions. This will add a dash of color to your bathroom. Another idea is to incorporate tiles with paintings or prints in between plain white ones. For instance a few tiles with pretty floral prints in between pale pink or white tiles give a delicate, feminine touch to the bathroom. You can also choose to incorporate a single large tile with a painting or design in the middle and surround it with plain colored tiles.

Most people do not like the idea of tiling their bathroom walls from floor to ceiling. Your bathroom will end up looking like a public restroom. The best idea is to tile the walls unto eye level or a little more. You can give borders to the tile arrangement. White tiles bordered by tiles in another color like red or blue looks good. You can also use different colored tiles to create a border. Patterned tiles also make good borders for an assembly of plain tiles. Border tiles ought to be thinner than the tiles that make up the body f the wall.

Bathroom wall tile ideas are manifold and you can really get creative. Just make sure it vibes well with the overall decor, fixtures and theme of the bathroom.


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