33 Captivating Living Rooms Design Ideas With Exposed Wooden Beams

Love the natural look and feel of the West? Whether you live in Montana or New York, you can create this warm, colorful style in your home. If you are not the type who likes the somewhat sterile, modern look, western appeal may be for you. This is a style that offers plenty of warm colors and textures, perfect for those who like lots of wood.

Western decor is a style that makes anyone who enters you home feel relaxed and at ease. Wood floors, exposed beams, leather or wood furnishings and lots of colorful accents bring the look together.

Warm, vibrant colors set the mood

In western decorating, you want to use warm, inviting colors to add appeal. Red, golden yellow, ocher, gold, pumpkin and dark blue or green are perfect when used as accents in throw pillows, rugs and in wall hangings.

If you lean toward the southwestern look, you may go for turquoise, yellow, red and other bright shades.

Furnishings are large scale

Wood and leather are two components of western decor that make the perfect base for all other accessories and accents. A large, bulky leather sofa and love seat are a great start. If you have wooden furniture upholstered in warm colors, it works just as well. Exposed ceiling beams, wide plank or pine wood floors, and wrought iron table lamps add to the appeal and interest of the room.

Accents add vibrant splashes of color

Throw pillows, blankets, accent rugs and other accessories can be striped, checked or solid. Sticking to the warm colors mentioned earlier, these patterns can be mixed and matched as you please. Since most leather furniture is brown, and wood is usually varying shades of brown, colorful accents are important to add vibrancy to the room. Look for rough textures like matte woven rugs, denim and wood tweed to add further depth and interest to the room.

Consider cowboy and horse themed knick-knacks and other accents. A large wooden wagon wheel hung above the sofa adds real western interest! Wrought iron candle holders are a nice touch as well. Other western motifs such as deer, bear, fishing accents and hunting fit the bill, especially for those who desire a western themed cabin. Look online and in home decorating magazines to get more ideas of how to create your own original Ponderosa!

When decorating your home with western flair, feel free to use your imagination! Add those old and weathered farm implements to the mix, and remember that aged or cracked leather adds to the western atmosphere. Freely use those accents that you truly love, as this helps incorporate a bit of your own personality into the room.

Begin with the large elements such as furnishings, floors and walls and then develop the intricate details as you go. Soon, you will have a home that will make all who enter feel welcome and at ease; your home will be a comfortable, appealing haven where the problems of life dissolve, at least for a while.


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