44 Excellent White Christmas Tree Decor Ideas That Trendy Now

Choosing a Christmas tree can be tough be cause of the many available choices. For example, these days natural trees are available anywhere, although they are far more expensive in some areas than others. For example they cost more in New Your City and Miami than Vermont. There is also a shocking array of artificial trees available. Some look very natural and other, such as pink colored ones, look not at all natural. How to decide?

A natural tree is what most of us grew up with. They smell great, and going and choosing ones and then erecting and decorating it can be a wonderful event for families or friends. However they are expensive and you need to buy a new one every year. You also need to somehow transport it to your home and then dispose of the tree after you are done. And they require regular watering and will shed needles regularly. No doubt they are beautiful and wonderfully aromatic; however they may not be practical for all.

An artificial tree can be an excellent choice. You buy and transport it once to your home, and then simply set it up and optionally decorate it every year. No dead tree to dispose of, no watering, and no needles falling. And most of them compact to a small size for easy storage.

The most popular are natural looking artificials. They look very real, and come in types like balsam fir, imperial pine, spruce, and many other varieties. There are also available in a range of heights, from small tabletop ones to twelve foot tall and above!

Many people opt for an artificial, and go for a funky artificial look as well. My grandparents had a silver tree for example that was simply fascinating, and came with a color wheel that alternately shined red, green, and amber on the tree, changing it’s entire look. Besides silver, other popular colors include white, black, pink, green, gold, and red. These make no attempt to look natural, although a great many do have a natural shape to them and just the color readily gives them away as artificial.

One more option is to use a live potted plant. This could be a topiary, a fir or pine of some type like a Norfolk Pine, a rosemary shrub, or just about anything. The real tree thing is great, and in this case you don’t even need to kill a tree!


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